About Mindful Humans

Hi! My name is Varun.

This platform supports me and (hopefully) those who engage with it in our endeavor to mindfully navigate this whole “human” thing.

Enthralled by the idea of taking responsibility for our own realities, I am always exploring new ways to live more authentically.

Mindful Humans was created with the hope of bringing this endeavor to everything that we do, especially the seemingly mundane.

The blog covers a pool of continually expanding topics (self-development, writing, travel, health, nutrition, spirituality…) in this light, incorporating pragmatic insights from myself and others that are applicable to everyone’s day-to-day.

You’ll find lots of other useful content, from movement guides (think yoga, strength & conditioning, qi gong…), to downloadable meditations and beyond.

Thanks for being a part of this movement!

A Bit About Me

I live an extremely privileged life, affording me the opportunity to travel the world and learn from an ever-growing community.

My inquisitive nature has led me to learn from writers, acupuncturists, personal trainers, MDs, shamans, astrologers, nutritionists, gurus, yogis and a number of other way-showers that are doing their utmost to make this world a better place.


Having also been influenced by my time in traditional academic institutions and “typical” 9-5 jobs, I’ve come to see the importance of working, studying, and learning in so many ways.

Creating a community, here on this website, furthers this idea.

In my spare time you can find me cloud gazing, reading, cooking, hiking, climbing, singing, and do-ing no shortage of other ‘ings’.