Breathe Work & Meditation

Meditation is amongst the most vulnerable, intimate, transformative, and intimidating practices available to us.

It is, in many ways, a remembrance of our natural way of being. To this end, I am always honored to be a source of support and guidance in whatever capacity presents itself.

Practices in this realm often have some heavy connotations associated with them; I’ve observed students entering a yoga class terrified of what they perceive to be sitting in a rigid posture for hours on end trying to “get rid of their thoughts”.

This misconception is one I address by giving you permission and a safe space to just be. Everything we do can be meditative, and an established practice helps in this regard.

This is, again, dependent on what works for you.

My own practice has continually evolved, and has led to greater empathy, compassion, mindfulness and presence in all aspects of my life. Teaching others has deepened my own experience sevenfold, and has shown me new and beautiful ways to elicit this easeful capacity in people from all walks of life.

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