I love food!

We are what we eat, or perhaps more specifically, we are what we digest.

Having experimented and witnessed, both with myself and others, the application of numerous nutritional methodologies, I’ve observed that ‘good nutrition’ is defined subjectively.

Finding out what this means for my clients and I has been a lifelong practice, enhanced through my study of Ayurveda, nutritional science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and time spent working in the food industry. 

I avoid the ‘one-size fits all approach’ in favor of individually tailored programs that adapt to meet your needs.

I have a tendency to focus on several core questions in my approach to what you eat:

  • What do you eat?

  • How do you eat?

  • What’s eating you?

This approach starts, as with most things, with the internal process. I seek to bring gratitude and conscious interaction to how we eat and source our food.

Whatever your goals may be (performance, general well-being, addressing an illness etc.), let me help you find what’s good for YOU.

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