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Though difficult to holistically represent the breadth of my experience, content, and aspirations, what you’ll find on this page is an extensive look into some of what I’ve done, both personally and professionally.

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I’ve worked with many companies, brands, and individuals in a range of industries (software, telecommunications, agencies, sales, staffing/recruiting, and more). Engaging with the world in many roles, my blend of experience makes me an excellent source of support, bringing to the table knowledge of marketing and sales operations, data analytics, recruiting, content creation, and more.

I’ve created collateral as a consultant, contractor, and full-time employee in everything from blog posts to white papers to email campaigns to graphic deliverables.

My diligence, discipline, and experience affords me the opportunity to say: I am good at being bad at things—I am a quick learner, eager to hit the ground running, and consider myself easy to work with.

I graduated from Northeastern University with a BSBA in Management Information Systems and Marketing which, along with my passion for self-inquisition and learning, helps me quickly adapt to the dynamic needs of whoever I’m working with.

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